Web Development & Design

We build websites that layout who you are and what you’re about. Responsive and groundbreaking websites are what we only create.

Web Development

Web development involves coding, lots of it, sometimes. I primarily build websites on WordPress. Having a vast understanding of the framework allows me to push it past its potential. Are you a blogger, a business, or are you selling products online? I do it all. Web Development takes time, patience, and heaps of creativity. It’s a giant puzzle that ends as a beautiful piece of art. WordPress helps organize all of this. Combing languages like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP, the sky is the limit. Web development fuels the magic in every project. Web development brings designs to life.

Web Design

Balance. Emphasis. Consistency. Unity. Web Design should follow these practices. Without balance, a layout and even the colors used on the pages of a website can fall flat. A web designer should also emphasize what’s important on each page. Are you highlighting a product your business sells? Are you trying capturing a lead? Do you want a user to call you? It is a process of leading the user to an ending point. Consistency and unity work hand in hand on a site to create a meaningful user experience. The unity of the website can be disturbed easily. A website should be able to define the company through every page.

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