Serpentine Rose

Serpentine Rose provides holistic products, using whole, organic and ethically sourced ingredients. This allows for a high quality product without unnecessary additives. Products range between tinctures, oils, and teas to consume or use on your body or hair!

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How I Helped:

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • E-Commerce

The Project

Logo Design & E-Commerce

Serpentine Rose is locally operated and South Florida, initially only providing online ordering through Etsy. Wanting to move away from this, I suggested building a WordPress site, utilizing WooCommerce to manage products and inventory. Setting up WooCommerce for Serpentine Rose made for a seamless transition, allowing them to have more control over their products and how they are sold online. Along with this, Serpentine Rose did not previously have a logo that stuck with their brand

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