FSR Trucking

Since 1973, clients have relied on FSR Trucking to move goods from point a to point b. Their focus on the importance of safety, reliability, and efficiency have allowed them to expand into over 10 states in the US. Being an enlisted contractor for UPS and USPS has allowed them to continue to grow while arriving on time.

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How I Helped:

  • Web design
  • Web Development

The Project

A fresh coat of paint

Being in business for so long, FSR accumulated a good amount of content for their site. What they were missing was a modern design to match their progressing company. The main plan was to provide a responsive website that could also host their job listings and application forms. With the application forms, we allowed applicants to have their information fill out a pdf for that is sent directly the HR at FSR to streamline the application and background check process.

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